If you’ve been online, turned on your TV, or listened to the radio since 2020 began you’ve probably heard the word Coronavirus. Information about coronavirus is constantly changing and as the number of cases begin to rise, fear has spread throughout the globe. Instead of letting fear rule your life, it’s important to know the facts about coronavirus and what your individual risks are. 

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a type of respiratory infection that can lead to a number of symptoms and in some cases, result in pneumonia. Coronavirus is actually a broad term that refers to a certain type of virus, but different strains occur, similar to the flu virus. The current strain of coronavirus is a new strain so there is no vaccination or cure for the condition. 

Where Did Coronavirus Originate?

The current strain of coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. Some health officials suspect that the virus began in workers who handle animals because animals can be named as the true origin of coronavirus. 

Current Coronavirus Updates

Since originating in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has spread globally. The spread of coronavirus can be linked primarily to international travelers who visited Wuhan, China around the time that the virus began to spread. The World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency as of January 30th. On that same day, the first confirmed case from person-to-person spread happened in the United States. Even though a person-to-person spread occurred in the United States, the CDC says that there is not a community outbreak in the country and people shouldn’t panic over the virus. 

Preventive Measures

There are preventative measures in place at US international airports to evaluate travelers from affected areas for any warning signs of the virus. This is done in an attempt to locate cases early and prevent a national spread of coronavirus. Hand hygiene is important to protecting yourself against the coronavirus, as well as other potentially harmful viruses. Wuhan, China has implanted a travel ban to their city and surrounding areas to help prevent the virus from spreading more than it already has. 

Visit the CDC website to get the latest updates on the coronavirus in the United States. Staying informed is the best way to protect yourself! If you’re concerned you may have been exposed to the coronavirus through international travel or contact with an infected individual, alert healthcare officials right away.