Minute clinics and urgent care centers are being used more often instead of the emergency room or a physician’s office.  These two facilities allow patients to skip the cost and wait time of the emergency room and offer patients an alternative, if their primary care physician is overbooked.  Patients use these facilities when seeking medical attention for non-life threatening conditions such as minor infections and illnesses.

While minute clinics and urgent care centers have similar services, there is a difference between the two facilities and what they might offer.

Minute clinics usually provide treatment for minor infections and illnesses such as sinus, sore throat, and allergic reactions.  Some may also offer vaccinations for influenza as well as pregnancy tests.

At AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport, we provide treatment for those same medical conditions and more.  Below are a few of our services that most minute clinics do not have access to provide within their community.

At AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport, we set ourselves apart by being able to offer a wide range of medical services at a low cost.  Having two centers with extended hours and weekends allows us to treat patients all over the city.  Visit us today!

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