As the COVID-19 pandemic progress, many patients struggle to find healthcare. Even though stay-at-home orders are likely to ease, many patients still need to maintain social distancing guidelines and lower their risk of infection. Vulnerable patients are at an increased risk to travel, wait, and book in-person healthcare if there are others waiting for COVID testing at healthcare settings. Thankfully, a telemedicine visit can help patients get the care they need at home without any infection risk.

Telemedicine urgent care is the delivery of urgent care treatment, illness diagnosis, and medical consultation through an internet connected device. Patients can use telemedicine to treat a variety of minor illnesses and administer treatment through a provider’s guidance. However, many patients don’t understand the capabilities and potential that telemedicine offers. Not only is it helpful for COVID-vulnerable patients, but it adds convenience for many patients that can’t immediately leave or get the treatment that they need.

What should patients know about telemedicine and the additional benefits it provides for all families? How can COVID-19 improve your access to medical care?

Telemedicine is accessible for all patients with an internet connection

Any patient that needs an immediate diagnosis for flu-like symptoms, a rash, or any sudden illness can simply book a telemedicine appointment on their phone or computer. All patients need to do is to visit the telemedicine portal on our website to book care. Whether it is on your phone, computer, or tablet, a patient can book a time to consult their provider via telemedicine.

Through your device’s audio and video capabilities, a provider will guide you through the process of diagnosing and treating your symptoms. Telemedicine visits are just like you were in a doctor’s office for mild symptoms, but without the need for an extra commute. However, it is important to understand that emergency medical situations require emergency room treatment and that mild and moderate physical injuries require in-person care.

For anything else mild, simply book a telemedicine visit!

Telemedicine is affordable and accessible for families

Telemedicine visits are covered by most major insurance carriers and are generally a low out-of-pocket cost for uninsured patients. Additionally, telemedicine allows you to book urgent care, determine your state of health, and coordinate follow up all from your home. Patients that don’t want to visit a clinic setting can optionally book telemedicine before visiting a provider. Simply book an appointment today to get telemedicine treatment for you and your families.

Additionally, if patients have any other questions about telemedicine use then make sure you contact the AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport team today!