Get your sore throat symptoms treated at AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport!

Each fall and winter, a significant number of patients in local communities experience sore throats from viral and bacterial infections. In some cases, patients will need a more convenient and accessible medical provider to address sudden sore throat symptoms. The good news for families located in Bridgeport, CT is that AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport can provide sore throat treatment for patients of all ages!

Our urgent care experts can address your most pressing sore throat symptoms such as raspiness, cough, fever, dry mouth/throat, pain, and aggressive inflammation. Instead of waiting in an ER for several hours, or experiencing a surprise bill at an out-of-network provider, visit our walk-in clinic. Our provider staff is highly experienced with treating acute illness for walk-in patients, which means you don’t need an appointment! In addition, or urgent care center accepts multiple insurance carriers so you can get treatment at a minimal co-pay.

If you have any questions, please contact our 161 Boston Ave. clinic at 203.333.4400 or our 4200 Main Street location at 203.916.5151!

What are some symptoms of sore throat to watch for?

If you think you have a sore throat, or a worsening case pharyngitis, then make sure you can identify some of the key signs and symptoms of a viral infection. These symptoms include the following ailments:

  • Coughing and dry throat
  • Soreness of throat
  • Puffiness and redness in the eyes
  • Hoarseness
  • Runny or stuffy nose

Let AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport take care of your symptoms today! Call us now to get started or simply visit us at our two locations: 161 Boston Ave. and 4400 Main Street.