Injuries happen unexpectedly and may occur more frequently depending on the time of year. At AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport, we’re ready to provide immediate, affordable, and high-quality treatment for your sudden injuries.

As the seasons change, we want to make sure that we’re always here to provide appropriate treatment based on the highest risk of seasonal injuries. For example, if you experience a slip or fall during the wintertime our urgent care staff is ready to provide immediate treatment and relief.

A list of common seasonal injuries include:

Winter seasonal injuries

  • Slip and fall-related bruises and sprains from snow or ice-covered surfaces
  • Snow-shoveling injuries  
  • Winter sports injuries
  • Car accidents and collisions

Spring seasonal injuries

  • Joint and knee pain from increased outdoor activity
  • Running, fitness, and sport-related sprains
  • School sports injuries

Summer seasonal injuries

  • Sunburn and skin irritations
  • Dehydration and heat exhaustion
  • Food poisoning from heat-related food spoiling
  • Sports and camp-related injuries

Autumn seasonal injuries and illnesses

  • Influenza, common cold, and infectious disease symptoms
  • Slips or falls from irregular or early snow, frost, or ice
  • School sports injuries

For your seasonal injury care, make sure to come into AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport for your needs. Walk-in patients are always welcome at our center and can receive injury treatment without the need for an appointment!

You can call us at 203.333.4400 or visit us at one of our Bridgeport locations: 161 Boston Avenue or 4200 Main Street!