Summertime should be a time filled with fun in the sun and no worries, but unexpected illnesses can quickly get in the way of that. Thankfully, there are certain illnesses that are more common during the summer months. Knowing what those illnesses are gives you the ability to take steps towards preventing them and getting the most fun out of summer as you possibly can!

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is much more common during the summer months due to the rise in temperatures. Outdoor picnics, long car rides, and losing track of time all raise the risk of food becoming unsafe to eat. To avoid food poisoning you should make sure perishable foods are kept refrigerated until it’s time to eat. If they’re left out for too long, throw them away rather than putting them back into the fridge again. Food poisoning will quickly lead to severe weakness, dehydration, diarrhea, and vomiting. Dairy, meat, and egg products are some of the most common culprits of food poisoning. That includes your tuna salad and potato filled with mayonnaise too!


The UV rays from the sun can be damaging year-round, but more people are affected during the summer months. Exposed skin and more time spent outside are to blame, but SPF is a very easy way to avoid sunburn this summer. Apply can SPF of at least 15 to all area of exposed skin. Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours, after getting wet, or after toweling off. Sunburn can occur even on days that appear to be overcast too! Dark colored clothing and long sleeves are also effective at preventing sunburn.

Heat Stroke

High temperatures often lead to something called heat stroke. Heat stroke happens when you become overheated and dehydrated for long periods of time. In severe cases, it may even require hospitalization to manage the symptoms. To avoid heatstroke, you should limit your time spent outside when temperatures get high. If you have to be outside for extended periods of time, find a shady or air-conditioned area to cool off. Drink plenty of cool water or sports drinks to keep yourself hydrated too!

Seasonal illnesses sometimes strike even with the best precautions in place. When that happens, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention for your symptoms. Many summer illnesses can be quickly and easily managed, but prevention is the best medicine!