At AFC Bridgeport, we strive to create the most comprehensive urgent care experience for our patients to ensure they get the treatment and follow-up care they deserve.

That’s why both of our urgent care locations are staffed with board-certified physicians to help administer your care. Additionally, our physicians are aided by urgent care personnel including nurse practitioners to help make your urgent care visit both fast and of the highest quality.

What is a board-certified physician?

A board-certified physician is a licensed medical doctor that has received a certification from the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Receiving an ABMS certification is a voluntary process for doctors that want to adhere to industry-standards for providing care to their patients.

Board-certified physicians have proven to the ABMS that they have the following credentials, skills, and experience to provide high-quality care which includes:

  • Sufficient medical experience and expertise to provide care to patients
  • Educational competencies inline with leading medical professionals
  • The ability to perform duties with excellent bedside manner as evaluated by rigorous ABMS tests

Whenever you need urgent care for your minor injuries, preventive screenings, flu shots, or other needs, AFC Bridgeport’s board-certified physicians are here to make treatment simple, cost-effective, and helpful to your unique needs.

Patients interested in receiving care from a board-certified doctor without needing to wait at other facilities can visit us at 161 Boston Ave or at our 4200 Main Street location. Patients can also  call us at 203-333-4400 (Boston Ave) or 203-916-5151 (Main Street) for more information!