AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport is always here to provide comprehensive tick bite treatment as well as Lyme disease treatment for patients of all ages. During the spring and summer, tick activity and Lyme disease rates are at their highest. But it is always a good idea to get a second opinion about Lyme since it can be contracted during other times of the year.

How to prevent Lyme Disease

The most common risk factors for Lyme disease include going into areas or environments with a heavy tick population. To prevent Lyme disease, try these following techniques to avoid infection:

  • Follow frequent public health alerts and updates online or elsewhere to see if you community has an increased risk of ticks/Lyme
  • Avoid wooded areas when possible. Additionally, wear protective clothing when camping or going into the woods so that ticks don’t attach to your legs. Lightweight but durable pants and boots can help reduce your chances of ticks
  • After any outdoor activities, conduct a body check on your head, hair, neck legs, ears, and any other visible parts of the body.
  • Check your pets, especially dogs, for any ticks. Dogs are a frequent host for ticks since they hide underneath fur and stay latched for extended periods.

If you believe you have Lyme or came into contact with a tick, please call AFC Bridgeport or schedule an appointment in advance. If you want more information about tick treatment and Lyme disease testing please call either of our facilities for more information: