DOT PhysicalAt AFC Urgent Care, our goal is to help you and your employees live healthier lives so you can keep working, uninterrupted. From drug testing to work physicals, to flu vaccinations, and every occupational health need in between, we’ll help your employees get back to work and keep your businesses operating at full speed.


AFC Urgent Care is here to help you keep your business running. We’ll work with you to tailor a health program to your company’s specific needs, that promotes a fast return back to work and streamlined record-keeping. Plus, we offer employers reduced occupational medicine costs, as well as help coordinate your occupational medicine and workers’ compensation treatments, so your employees can get back to work sooner. We know in business that time is money, and we work to protect both.


If your employees aren’t well, business suffers. If your business suffers, your bottom line suffers. Our program is an integrated, comprehensive source for health services used by all types of businesses and of all sizes. AFC Urgent Care has over 33 years of experience in occupational health services for businesses within our communities across the U.S.

Below is a list of the occupational health services offered at AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport, Connecticut. For inquire additional information, please complete the Employer Occupational Health Services Form: