COVID-19 Testing in Bridgeport, CT

AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport provides COVID-19 Testing and COVID-19 Antibody Testing.

COVID-19 testing provides fast results for patients to help them return to work, determine their next steps for care, and help keep patients safe. Ask our provider teams for anything else you have questions about!

COVID-19 is the most important health crisis in America. As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)World Health Organization (WHO), and local healthcare officials continue to monitor the situation, it is imperative that local healthcare providers can provide safe and reliable COVID-19 testing. The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport can provide COVID-19 testing for patients that first book an appointment via telemedicine! 

AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport  is here to provide you with coronavirus testing to help you limit your risks, ensure that you are not infected, and open access to available testing as the public navigates this unique healthcare challenge. Testing is done right at our Bridgeport clinic during daytime hours to ensure that you can come in and visit our clinic.

Important Update: AFC Urgent Care Bridgeport is testing for COVID-19. Make sure you call our clinic in advance to determine your best treatment option. Please call 203.333.4400 in advance to alert the team! We will evaluate your risks and determine if COVID-19 testing is right for your. We follow explicit COVID-19 guidelines to ensure that you are not experiencing symptoms of other health-related issues. The current CDC guidelines for testing can be found here, which are helpful for evaluating your risk of COVID-19.

However, patients that don’t meet the clinical guidelines as a likely match for COVID-19 can still be treated for other illnesses including telemedicine. If you have any other questions, please contact our clinic directly and speak with our provider team.