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Protect Yourself from the Flu During National Influenza Vaccination Week

The holiday season has already started, and so has flu season. That’s why the CDC has designated the week of December 4 – 10, 2016, as National Influenza Vaccination Week.

Once November ends and the holiday season starts, people tend to forget about getting their flu shot. In fact, research from past flu seasons has […]

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Fall Into Health With AFC Urgent Care

Summer might be fun, and spring is lovely, but some people believe the best season is fall. The changing of the leaves, the brisk winds and outdoor festive activities bring everyone closer. Over a third of Americans list fall as their favorite season, blowing all of the other seasons out of the water. However, fall […]

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Make Your Own Back-to-School Health Kit

When your child returns to school, it can often mean a renewed exposure to germs and unexpected injuries. Here is AFC Urgent Care’s back-to-school health kit: a complete list of the portable tools and items that can make the school day much healthier, without much effort on your part. This health kit can fit in […]

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‘Safely but Swiftly:’ Knife Safety Tips

Here at AFC Urgent Care (formally known as AFC ) we like to remind our patients to take care of their health and be safe every day. This can also mean being safe in the kitchen. There are potential hidden dangers around every corner, especially when using a knife.

We partnered with Chip’s Family Restaurant in […]

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Dr. Steven Heffer Going Beyond the Diagnosis

May 18, 2015

Fairfield County’s Doctors of Distinction is a unique award program celebrating the accomplishments of five physicians in Fairfield County judged by a panel of peers and scholars to be the most exemplary in the programs’ categories. Dr. Steven Heffer received the Community Service Award for his role as Owner and Medical Director of […]

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Ebola Virus: Symptoms and Prevention


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Ebola, previously known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a rare and deadly disease caused by infection with one of the Ebola virus strains.


As mentioned on the CDC webpage, early symptoms of Ebola, can only be spread to others after symptoms begin. […]

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Can I Control High Blood Pressure Hypertension?

According to 2012 CDC statistics, approximately one third of the US population has high blood pressure, and out of those, almost half- 47%, are unaware that they have it and therefore are not being treated for it. These are staggeringly high statistics.
Heart Disease and African Americans
Although African American adults are 40 percent more likely to have […]

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Is it Allergies or a Cold?

At AFC Bridgeport we are already seeing people walking in with seasonal allergy symptoms,  earlier than usual. Allergies are expected to be worse than ever this year due to the extreme cold weather and the ‘polar vortex’. Because of all of the melting snow in much of the country and here in Connecticut, a lot […]

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Measles Again? Why Measles is Making a Comeback?

We thought we had it beat. Measles, the once thought to be conquered virus, has recently returned to Connecticut and New York, with 2 unrelated confirmed cases right in Fairfield County, many more in New York. Here at AFC Bridgeport we want you to keep you informed, as measles is highly contagious and one […]

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