It’s that time of the year again to sharpen those pencils and pack those lunch bags because back-to-school season is arriving! While shopping for new materials for the classroom and the dash to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, we have to remember to keep our children’s health in tiptop shape.


As parents we often forget to remind our children of the smallest of things such as covering their mouth when they cough. Back-to-school season is prime time for germs to make their way around the classroom and to your children as they ease back in to the school year routine. At AFC of Bridgeport we want to remind you of some easy tips to keep you and your family healthy all school year round.


  1. Wash your hands. Sometimes children just forget to wash their hands and it’s simple as that. Other times they do it’s just not with soap or not long enough. Remind your children, especially the younger ones, the importance of hand washing throughout the school day and at home. Singing a short song, such as the ABCs, while washing hands can be very effective.


  1. Don’t Forget the Shots! The word “shot” can scare anyone at any age at the doctor’s office. Make sure all annual physical exams are up to date before returning to school. In many state these physicals are a requirement upon returning. Yearly check-ups are just a good reminder in where you and your child’s health stand.


  1. Keep it Nutritious. With childhood obesity on the rise we have to remind our children to eat healthier. Make sure to include a daily dose of vegetables and/or fruits when you’re packing snacks or lunches. And don’t skip on breakfast! Having a meal every morning before school will help your child stay more alert in the classroom.


  1. Watch Out for Head Lice. Lice enjoy back-to-school season the most throughout the year. Keep an eye out if you see any excessive head scratching from your child or even on the body. Try to make time for a weekly visual check. Stress the importance not sharing combs, brushes, hats, clothes, etc.


  1. Those Pesky Allergies. New school year = new allergy season. Children are hit a double hitter with dust mites, mold and so on in the classroom. This means coughing, sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. Remember to provide the school nurse with medicines or inhalers that your child may be on if these allergies are triggered at some point.


Getting back into the school year routine may seem like too much work. But when the going gets tough AFC of Bridgeport is here for every step of the way regarding you and your child’s health. We’ve got immunizations, physicals, and allergy medications ready for you when you need them.