Every year in the August the U.S. recognizes this month as National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). The purpose of this month is to take the opportunity to highlight the importance of immunizations throughout life. Activities surrounding this month encourage all people to receive vaccinations that will prevent infectious diseases in different stages throughout life. Each week of the month will focus on a different stage in life:

  • Preteens and Teens (Aug . 2-8)Child-IMMUNIZATIONS
  • Pregnant Woman ( Aug. 9-15)
  • Adults (Aug. 16-22)
  • Infants and Children (Aug. 23-29)

College students should have all immunizations up to date before they move into dorms. Pregnant women should learn about getting vaccinations that can protect newborns from diseases. Adults, including healthcare workers, should learn about vaccines and boosters they may need. Lastly, everyone should be reminded that flu seasons is less than a few months away and it will be time to get the flu shot before we know it!

At AFC/ of Bridgeport we have you covered! We offer a variety of vaccines and immunizations. To meet with one of our doctors today, just walk in or set up an appointment today. For any questions, call us today at 203-333-4400 or visit us at 161 Boston Avenue.


Vaccines We Offer:

Tdap PPD Rabies MMR Hepatitis A

(Child & Adult)

Hepatitis B Influenza (FLU) Meningitis Typhoid Fever Yellow Fever
Polio Varicella Pneumonia Tetanus Twinrix